A bunch of guys in a white T-shirt are about to put on their swimsuits and go swimming at the beach, and it’s all part of a series of beach-inspired videos, starting with the video for their latest single, Long Beach Waves.

It was created by the guys at T-Shirt Surfers in the US, and they’ve been uploading the videos on their channel for years.

It’s an homage to the famous beach that sits just south of Los Angeles, and is one of the most popular spots in the world for surfing.

And as it turns out, this is exactly the kind of surfing the guys are talking about.

“I’m not sure how long it took for the beach to get used to us surfers,” says Josh, one of those guys in the video.

“We had to start to surf, so it took about six months to get the hang of it.

Then the first time we went surfing was in 2008, and I’ve been surfboarding ever since.”

So it’s no surprise that the Beach Boys are a big fan of the surf scene.

“The Beach Boys have been very involved in the surfing scene for quite some time, and have been making waves ever since the 80s,” says the band’s website.

“A lot of people were kind of blown away by that, so we were very lucky to play those shows.” “

So when we were on tour in 2009, we took the opportunity to play some shows at the Beach Bar, and we did really well,” Josh adds.

“A lot of people were kind of blown away by that, so we were very lucky to play those shows.”

Josh’s dad, John, says it’s hard to tell if it’s his dad or a younger version of him on the videos.

“He’s definitely older, but he’s still pretty young,” he says.

“His hair’s kind of gray, but it’s definitely a young version of himself.

It looks like he’s surfing.”

Josh says that his dad doesn’t usually like to go out and surf, but sometimes when he does he’ll get to play in a surf club in the area.

“If I’m surfing in Long Beach, I just get to be a part of it,” he said.

“When I was a kid, it was very rare to surf on the beach.

I was always afraid of it, but then I got older and got a bit more comfortable, and now I just surf more.”

The Beach Boys were also a big part of the video that took over the world when they played a live show in New Zealand in 2013.

The Beach Boy’s first solo gig in New York was at the New York Public Library in January 2018, where they played their show in front of a capacity crowd.

“After the show, it took the internet by storm,” says T-shirts Surfers owner Chris Sorensen.

“Every single country in the UK was talking about it.

We were able to get a bunch of people to sign up for a one month membership, and all of the fans came from the US and Europe.

We had people from all over the US come to the show.

It became the biggest tour in the History of Surf and we ended up being the first band to play a show in Manhattan.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube on the day the band performed their show, and soon it went viral, becoming one of their most watched videos on the internet.

“People loved it, and so did the guys in our band,” says Chris.

“It was a blast.

It took us by surprise when it got to number one on YouTube.”

Josh is still not sure why the video got so much attention, but the Beach Boy fans were so into it that they wanted to share it.

“There’s definitely something about surfing that makes people go crazy, and people really appreciate the fact that we are doing this,” he explains.

“Because the surf culture is all about doing something different, we think that people should be able to share their experience and be like ‘Oh my god, I surfed on this beach and it was awesome’.” “If you look at the videos of us playing, we always try to create an environment where people can get away from their day to day problems,” says John.

“But I guess I would argue that when people go out for a day out, they get overwhelmed, and maybe that’s why we get such a bad rap in general.

We try to encourage people to relax, and enjoy themselves.”

“But at the same time, it’s just a bit silly to go surfing for hours and hours,” Josh agrees.

“For a long time, I was thinking, ‘I should just stay home and surf all day and then I can go back to my regular life and relax’.

But I guess

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