Why is this sandcastle so popular?

On the surface, the sandcastle looks a bit boring.A couple of small holes on the base of the tower, and a large, flat stone topper in the center.It looks like something out of a horror movie.But it’s actually a great attraction.Located just off of Palm Beach’s famous sand dunes, this sand castle sits at the […]

Why we need a beach on every beach

A lot of people think beach vacations are great, but we also want them to be safe, easy, and fun.That means making sure they are fun and safe, and the beaches are clean, with a little help from the water, the surfers, and your fellow beachgoers.Here are five tips for making your vacation experience great.1.Don’t […]

Why the Bay Area is so awesome for living, eating, and traveling…but not so great for being in a house

We’ve all had a moment when we thought “yeah, I’m going to do the same thing every day.”We have an apartment or a house and then a couple of months later we’re looking for somewhere to live.In some cities, we’re all about living in our own homes.But in the Bay, there are many options available.We […]

How to get the best hotel deals in Mumbai

New Delhi: New Delhi-based hotel chains have long been accused of being anti-women.And while a few chains have gone a step further and have even gone as far as banning women from certain areas of their properties, others have made strides in addressing the issue.However, a new report by the consulting firm PwC India suggests […]

Sunnyvale Beach condo developments set to go live in August

Sunnyvale, Calif., August 23, 2018 – Sunnyvale’s first beach condo development will open in August.The two-story, six-unit, $734,000 beach condo tower will be built on the site of a former resort, which is currently occupied by an apartment complex.Developers are building the unit at the southeast corner of the beach in the Sunnyvale Recreation Area.“This […]

What you need to know about China’s new tourism law

China has a new law aimed at limiting tourists from Hong Kong, the United States and other overseas destinations, including New York, the world’s financial capital.The law has provoked controversy, with the government claiming that it is aimed at protecting Hong Kong and China’s sovereignty.The New York Times reported that the new law will make […]

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