A new wave of surfing legends is out to take over the world, and they’re all taking over beaches in the United States.

The Puffin Gang of the South Shore is a new wave, and their brand of surf is so well-loved that they’ve even started their own surf company.

Here are the top five beaches they’ve come to love: Cape Cod Beach, Massachusetts The Puffs have a history dating back to at least the 1950s.

The first Puff in Massachusetts, the Puffins, have become one of the most popular surf teams in the world.

Cape Cod was chosen as the spot to host their first professional competition in 1968, and the Puffs are known for their signature surf, a perfect blend of speed and power.

Puff Inlet, New England The Pufferin’ Puff Inn was founded in 1882, and has been known for its surf.

It’s an oceanfront spot in New England, but it’s also a popular place for surfers to get away from it all.

Puffer Inlet is home to the Puffer’s Puff-Inn Surf School, which is a surfing school in which members of the Puffle Crew learn about the surfing industry and how to become better surfers.

The school is open to all members of Puff’s Crew, including surfers of all skill levels.

In addition to the school, the Inn hosts a series of Puffer-in-the-Sea competitions, and in 2017, it hosted the first Puffer in the Sea race.

Poughin, Florida The Poughins were founded in the 1950’s in South Florida, where the Pough inlets are known as the “Puffer Islands” and “Puff-in’s.”

The Puffle-in Island, which lies in the Pughin River, is home, for many, to one of Florida’s most iconic surf spots: the Pougin’s Puffer Pool.

This spot is known for being one of America’s most famous and popular surf spots, with waves hitting over 7 feet and waves that last for nearly five minutes.

The pool itself is a massive pool of water, with the most famous Puff waves on it being the “Flaming Puff.”

In addition, Puff is also known for having one of most popular beaches in all of Florida, and there’s a lot of water there.

Paughin Beach, Florida Puff, along with the Paughins family, have been a part of the surfing community for decades.

Their surfing roots stretch back to the late 1940s, when Puff was just a tiny little spot in a small town, and it’s only been in the past decade that the Puggles have grown into one of surf’s biggest names.

When the Puffy family founded the Pachys, it was a way to get back to their roots, and to give back to local people.

Pachie Beach, South Carolina A small town in South Carolina, Pachies Puff Beach has been named one of The Best Surf Places in America by Surf Magazine.

This area of the beach is known as one of South Carolina’s most popular surfing spots, and many locals call Pachis Puff the “puffer capital of the world.”

Pachisi Beach, New Jersey The Pachislis are also one of New Jersey’s most recognized surf spots.

Known for their “Bully-in’ Bumpers,” this is the spot for locals and tourists alike to have a great time.

The waves here are also incredibly large, and Pachiss are known to be one of, if not the, best surfers in the state.

Pash, New York The Pash family has been around surfing since 1955, and have been known to set records at many different locations.

They are also known to make waves that stretch for miles.

When Pash was founded, they were a local family-run company that started out with a crew of five guys and went on to build up to about a hundred people.

Their most famous wave is called “Pash’s Big Wave.”

Pash Beach, North Carolina The Pashes are known throughout the country for their high-speed, high-action surfing.

Many locals also refer to Pash as “The Puffer.”

Puffle’s Puffs in Georgia Puff Puff and Puff are the two most famous surfers on the Georgia coastline.

The surfers have also become one-of-a-kind personalities in Georgia.

The duo started off as a local crew of only five surfers, but quickly gained a following and a following of locals.

Puffle Puff has also become the focus of a number of viral videos, including one from the Georgia Tech University that went viral after a student named Daniel Tatum posted it on Facebook.

Puffs Puff Island, Florida When the family of Puffs

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