On Sunday, the woman purchased a vacation condo in Orange Beach, Calif., with her three-year-old daughter.

The family paid a monthly rent of $1,400 to the California Coastal Trust for a beach cottage, a beach house and a $300 beach bag.

They are giving away the $300 bag in a $5,000 gift.

The beach cottage was purchased in February for $1.2 million, and the family plans to spend the rest of their vacation in it.

The gift will go toward the care of children with a special needs program in Orange County.

The daughter, Bella, was born with cerebral palsy and was adopted at birth.

“She has the most incredible voice,” her mother, Susan, told NBC News.

“You have to listen to her because she is just so articulate.”

Bella’s father, Tom, who lives in the same town, said his daughter was always the first one out of bed to greet the sun.

“I never thought that she would be the first out of the house,” Tom told ABC News.

But Bella, like many children with cerebral issues, was a bit of a mystery to her parents.

Susan and Tom say Bella had a “little boy’s heart” and always wanted to play, but her mother said the boy was “always the best and the most special.”

Susan told ABC that Bella was diagnosed with cerebral neuropathy when she was just three months old.

She was told the condition can cause “brain damage,” but that the severity can vary.

“It was just a question of how much,” Susan said.

The mother said Bella has been doing well since her arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angelos, where she received surgery and is undergoing treatment for the condition.

“We are not in the midst of a full recovery, but she is doing great,” she said.

“We have two daughters, who are also cerebral palsies, and we are very proud of them and we have a lot of love for them,” Tom said.

The beach cottage is a small home with a big yard, so Bella has a lot to do, she said, and that’s part of her excitement.

The couple is raising money for the California Coast Trust, which helps families with special needs.

The Beach House condo will be donated to the hospital and will be used for Bella’s care.

The entire family plans on staying in the condo for at least two years.

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