What’s New in Linux Kernel 4.13, Version 4.12

The Linux kernel 4.14 release is scheduled for October 10, and the first of the major changes that we’re likely to see is a change to how the system is built, with an introduction of the XTS-10 kernel extension.The XTS10 kernel is the standard for embedded hardware.It was introduced by Intel and is used to […]

How to identify a palm beach county weather report with a simple Google search

Palm Beach County is home to the largest concentration of beaches in the United States, so knowing what to look for is a must for all who want to avoid the heat, humidity and mosquitoes.But with the humidity of Palm Beach County rising each day, a quick look at weather reports can help you determine […]

The best beaches in Connecticut

A trip to Connecticut beaches, which is known as a ‘water paradise’, has been likened to the UK, and the best beaches are in Connecticut.One popular tourist destination in the state is the beachfront town of Boca Raton, which has its own beaches and a famous surfing spot called Beachfront Beach.However, the beach itself is […]

How to build a rockport vacation home in less than three weeks

Rockport Beach, Florida (AFP) – You can spend your days on the beach and your nights in the hammock, but you can’t just have a house.And for a few hundred bucks, you can build one.It’s called Rockport’s Rockport Bay Bungalow, and it’s being developed by Rockport resident Michael Hensley.It uses the same type of building […]

How to See the Bombay Beach (Video)

A beautiful, tranquil, and peaceful place to visit on a beach in Mumbai, Bombay, India.The island of the city is one of the most photographed beaches in the world, so it’s a great place to spend a romantic afternoon.The island is also known for its unique beaches.Here, you’ll find a variety of beach activities and […]

The Wedding Party Is On: Long Branch Beach Florida Wedding Ceremony Is Going Off the Hook!

In a few short months, Long Branch, Florida is set to host its own wedding.On February 6, the city of Long Branch will host a “beach party” at Long Branch’s new “beaches” beach.The event will be held at the Beach Gardens, where guests will enjoy a free, family-friendly, beach party with entertainment, vendors and live […]

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