How to get a beach wall, sand and a beach chair for the beach

You don’t want to live in a beach house, you want to get beach furniture.But the Beach House Company isn’t going to make you a beach furniture expert.Instead, the company is offering up a few pieces of beach furniture that you can get in your neighborhood for about $15.“We’re offering you a very affordable way […]

How to protect yourself from beach umbrella and beach cover ups

The beach umbrella is the biggest threat to beaches and the most common type of beach cover up.But what if you have to protect your family from beach cover-ups?Here are some tips to protect against beach umbrella cover ups.You can protect yourself and your family by wearing a bright yellow beach umbrella.The most common types […]

How to watch The Avengers in 4K for the cheapest possible price

When you think of the Avengers movie, you probably think of Peter Parker and Iron Man, and the first thing you might think is, “Well, that’s a Marvel movie, right?”And, yeah, it’s certainly one of the most expensive movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.But for anyone who has been to Marvel’s movies, the Avengers has […]

This woman just bought a beach condo with her daughter’s birthday present, and she’s living it up as part of a charity program for children’s hospitals in Los Angeles

On Sunday, the woman purchased a vacation condo in Orange Beach, Calif., with her three-year-old daughter.The family paid a monthly rent of $1,400 to the California Coastal Trust for a beach cottage, a beach house and a $300 beach bag.They are giving away the $300 bag in a $5,000 gift.The beach cottage was purchased in […]

How to escape a beach in a hurry

Posted April 02, 2018 09:20:38 If you’re a surfer or snorkeler, you’re likely to have seen or been to at least one of the hundreds of beaches that dot the Pacific Ocean, but it may take a little while to find one that is safe for your safety.The beaches that have been deemed unsafe by […]

Flipper’s secret to success, but you can too

From left, James McAvoy, John Cena and Kevin Nash headline a WrestleMania XXVI party at Seal Beach Deli, in Seal Beach, Florida, on May 24, 2021.More than 10,000 guests attend the party to watch the WWE’s biggest show of the year.It’s a traditional event for the fans, and it is, in the words of one […]

How to Avoid the ‘Bike to Work’ Bug that Kills Most Bike Riders

In the summer, you might have been commuting by bike to work.But a new study suggests you’re also more likely to be killed by a bike crash than by an automobile.The study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Health, looked at the risk of death in the first week of a bike […]

How do you get a better beach experience in Miami Beach?

In Miami Beach, there’s a lot of talk about the importance of keeping your beach clean, but what if you’re just not into that?A new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives looks at what types of pollution are most likely to cause health problems for people who live in the Miami-Dade County area.The research, which […]

Watch the world’s most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas with a trip to Ibiza

When it comes to beautiful beaches, there’s nothing quite like Ibiza.But what’s more, there are some incredible things to do in the Caribbean country.With the best beaches in Europe, the Bahamas and Australia, there is something for everyone. The island of Ibiza is home to a thriving tourist industry, as well as a huge variety of […]

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