When a naked beach selfie goes viral, teen beach film stars take to the beach

Posted October 10, 2018 12:08:31When it comes to nude beach videos, the best-known are from teenagers, but there’s no shortage of girls who have a go too.Now, a nude beach movie has gone viral, earning the likes of teenage star Ashley Golan a few thousand dollars in the process.Golan is one of the most famous […]

How to make the best of the beach and the sea

Posted September 16, 2018 12:50:48In the days before the summer heatwave, beach cruisers and sailboats often make the most of the sun and the breezes, taking advantage of the warmer waters.But when the weather turns colder, the ocean currents and the waves can turn deadly.In the Caribbean, as it does around the globe, there are […]

New homes to be built on island of Oromura

RTE 603A: New homes, office space and shopping will be built in a newly developed neighbourhood on the island of Oman.Dubai-based architect Bongos Tanmi, the firm behind Oromoya, will create a new area of 5,000 square metres with the aim of providing new life and economic activity to the town.“We are proud to be able […]

How to surf in Southern Florida without breaking the law

The surfers on Surfside Beach are not allowed to wear helmets.(Published Monday, Aug. 31, 2019) But they’re still out there and it’s easy to find one on a surfboard.Surfside is one of a number of beaches where surfers are breaking the surfwear code, a new law that allows people to wear headgear when surfing without […]

This is where the surfing gets really good

Posted November 04, 2018 12:22:09The water in the surfside beaches in the Southern California region are often packed, making them the perfect location for a big day of surfing.“It’s really good for surfers, really good in the summer time,” said Nicole, who has been surfing for 10 years.“It’s just such a peaceful spot.”The surf is […]

The most bizarre thing about avila beaches

A beach in the Spanish town of Vigo in the Azores is home to a species of sea serpent called the avila.A biologist from the University of Cape Town says it’s the strangest thing she’s seen.“You’ve got a very big fish with a large shell,” she said.“I’ve never seen a fish like this before.”The fish […]

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