This woman just bought a beach condo with her daughter’s birthday present, and she’s living it up as part of a charity program for children’s hospitals in Los Angeles

On Sunday, the woman purchased a vacation condo in Orange Beach, Calif., with her three-year-old daughter.The family paid a monthly rent of $1,400 to the California Coastal Trust for a beach cottage, a beach house and a $300 beach bag.They are giving away the $300 bag in a $5,000 gift.The beach cottage was purchased in […]

How do I find out if my friend is a beach bag?

This week’s beach bag is a great one, and it’s the beach bag that Bethany and I found.Bethany found this bag when we were vacationing in Hawaii, and she loves it.This is a super cute and cute beach bag.You’ll be glad you picked this one up because it looks really cool.It’s also the one with […]

How to spot beach lounges in Newport Beach, California

The beach in Newport, California is known for its beach chairs and other amenities, and this is one of the most well-known locations.However, if you are visiting Newport Beach on a weekend and want to try out the other amenities and places, this is a must visit.The beach chair is a perfect place to relax […]

How to book a weekend of beach babes in the UK

Beaches are not the only places you’ll want to book accommodation during the holiday season.You’ll also want to check out what hotels have to offer and which are the cheapest options, to ensure you can find the right deal.We’ve picked out some of the best beach rentals in the country for the holiday period.Whether you’re […]

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