This woman just bought a beach condo with her daughter’s birthday present, and she’s living it up as part of a charity program for children’s hospitals in Los Angeles

On Sunday, the woman purchased a vacation condo in Orange Beach, Calif., with her three-year-old daughter.The family paid a monthly rent of $1,400 to the California Coastal Trust for a beach cottage, a beach house and a $300 beach bag.They are giving away the $300 bag in a $5,000 gift.The beach cottage was purchased in […]

New homes to be built on island of Oromura

RTE 603A: New homes, office space and shopping will be built in a newly developed neighbourhood on the island of Oman.Dubai-based architect Bongos Tanmi, the firm behind Oromoya, will create a new area of 5,000 square metres with the aim of providing new life and economic activity to the town.“We are proud to be able […]

Sunnyvale Beach condo developments set to go live in August

Sunnyvale, Calif., August 23, 2018 – Sunnyvale’s first beach condo development will open in August.The two-story, six-unit, $734,000 beach condo tower will be built on the site of a former resort, which is currently occupied by an apartment complex.Developers are building the unit at the southeast corner of the beach in the Sunnyvale Recreation Area.“This […]

The beach dress you can’t get at Disney World

A few weeks ago, I was at a beach party with a friend, a group of girls and some friends.It was a lovely, sunny day.As we sat outside, I had a little chat with one of the girls, and we shared a couple of stories.Afterwards, we sat at a table together, sharing stories and reminiscing […]

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